( long weekend )

September 7, 2010

it was a lovely weekend wasn't it?

it was punctuated with laziness
and loveliness
as weekends should be

and the weather was heaven
cool, crisp, sweet

the little bears got their scarves out.

the llama nestled into her furry stole.

a herd of oeuflings were found snuggled together for warmth.

crisply pressed shirts were paired with wooly cardigans.

sunny table linens warmed the table.

the succulents put forth a blossom.

and bits & pieces found themselves organized into vintage containers.

two bears, a wolf, a bunny, a raccoon, a llama, five oeuflings, and a baby bunnypus
came tumbling out of the studio in the attic.

vintage finds of all kinds were photographed
and will be appearing in the shop this week.

and delicious snacks
and blanketed naps
made the weekend float ever so gently by.

hope you all had a bit of break too.
{ i did miss you, you know. }

4 notes:

  1. that llama! so perfect & pretty.. I love her

  2. delicious snacks. blanketed naps.
    i love you.

  3. autumn is here and you always have beautiful plants!
    do you have some suggestion? which plants I can keep inhouse and how to manage them?

  4. coki, i love succulents and just plain greenery the most! i've had really good luck with "string of pearls" and "string of bananas" ... you can find them on etsy sometimes! they love dry soil and less watering is better. (i can totally handle that!)

    also, ferns are pretty easy. they seem to deal with any window i put them in and just need to dry out between waterings.

    { my other secret... usually if i kill a plant, i don't try it again. so all you see is what survives my attempts at gardening! }

    hope that helps!