( friday favorites: dear golden )

September 17, 2010

dear golden vintage
is my favorite place
to go and dream of wardrobes.

sure, i wear some form of grey
nearly every day.
but in my secret heart of hearts
i do wish it was the early 1950's
and one didn't even dream of
heading out to the corner grocer
without a hat on her curled head
and gloves on her manicured hands
but it's not.
and grey t-shirts go everywhere.

visit dear golden at her shop
and her lovely blog
i'm quite sure you'll enjoy yourself.

{ and have you ever seen anyone look so charming in a hat before? }

1 notes:

  1. oh, my gosh...this is just the sweetest dang post. me and wendall and laurel and gladys and ella and wilhemina all thank you. ;)