( blanket season, year 2 )

December 6, 2010

last year, when the weather got cold
i collected all my favorite blankets together. { here }

this year, suddenly, the weather's gotten really cold.
so... i'm collecting blankets again.

1. macausland blanket, photographed by katy elliot
2. chunky tassel throw from west elm
3. kantha quilted blanket from canvas home
4. ticking stripe quilt from brook farm general store
5. military blanket bag from sundance
{ okay, not quite a blanket. but it makes me feel cozy nonetheless. }

and i'm still really excited by this year's new/old blanket.
one can never have enough blankets.

2 notes:

  1. am I daft? I can't figure how to order the MacAusland blanket through their site-- but I want to! its perfect & amazing