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December 11, 2010

dear pinterest

thanks. now i'm completely obsessed with something else i can't have.
lovely, lovely braids. so perfect for blondes... where the different shades play most nicely in a plait.
not so good for a stick straight brunette with slightly less hair than a two year old. 

which reminds me, i love this.

{ for braids, here. for brunette, here. }

i must apologize, it's the worst source list ever.
sadly, these have all been posted and reposted into oblivion.
if you know of any sources, please share!

3 notes:

  1. gorgeous braids! i think i want to try that kind of braid in the first pic. i can't remember the name but i watched a tutorial on youtube how to do it :)

  2. That last photo caught me completely by surprised. Now I'm LOLing away (like an idiot). Thanks for that.

  3. alycia, i think that first braid is called a fishtail... always loved that one!