( friday fuzzy )

April 22, 2011

what a face.
i just want to feed him lettuce
and maybe watch his mighty jaws
snap a twig.

ah. those wrinkles make me melty.
found him here 
while looking for inspiration to create these...

only one turtle was really needed
but i got carried away and made two.

and kinda can't wait to make a few more.
dang, turtle
i've been making you since middle school art class.
my mom still has a few of them...
wonky and mottled pottery. glazed in shiny greens.

a new subject for stitchery.
i think i need to learn to like thimbles.

4 notes:

  1. oh, how I love turtles! I want to cuddle that widdle itty bitty turtle, as well as your new turtle stitchery!

  2. omg Regina... you're killing me with your animals lately. first the polar bear and now this? love.

  3. your turtles are so sweet! nice idea

  4. very cool little turtles (the real one too!). your last comment about thimbles made me smile - i think i need too as well, but for maybe ALL my fingers!