( holy )

April 25, 2011

easter has been a confusing holiday the last few years.
{ made no less confusing by its ever-changing date.}

our family used to celebrate "holy saturday"
in which we all neatly avoided schedule conflicts with in-law
by having easter a day early.

but "holy saturday" was not in the cards this year.
and my dear mother had discovered a big pile of brambles in the front yard
that she thought ought to be removed.
 and well, sunday was such a lovely day.
perfect bramble-pulling weather.

so we marched over there.
i donned my new wellies and two pairs of gloves on each hand,
and we tackled those brambles.
had a proper bonfire too.
{ wellies are very important when you find you need to wade several feet
into the pond to rescue a bit of pipe that was propping up another bit of pipe.
it's a very complicated system over at my mother's house. }

at the end of the day, we were sweaty, tired,
more than a bit parched, and my arms rather looked
like i'd had a good tussle with a small bear.

needless to say, easter dinner
was by far the best thing i'd ever tasted.
cleaned up, off my feet, a glass of wine,
and food shoveling into my mouth at a distinctly un-ladylike rate.

'twas a day of work... unholy
but felt quite virtuous... holy
new wellies... unholey
brambles crowned with thorns.... holy, sort of.
so it's a draw on our sunday-working-wickedness.
although, we all seem to be needing a bit of rest this monday!

hope you had a wonderful easter!
a new bonnet & a sweet-filled basket
xo. everyeskimo

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  1. this is a great post :)

  2. Loved this. Sounds like a great Easter to me:)