( friday favorites: jean jean )

June 24, 2011

i have a favorite shop
that i'm saving as a treat for a rainy day.

i visit it quite often, waiting for the most perfect treasure.
like a great bottle of wine, i know when the day comes
it's going to be so, so right.

i'm very excited to share these finds from
duff has a great eye for unusual yet classic pieces
and she's darn near the sweetest thing ever.


i suppose i do have a fondness for filagree and lockets.
just beautiful, aren't they?

jean jean vintage shop
jean jean vintage blog
... such a treat to visit

1 notes:

  1. JeanJeanVintage is an amazing shop! I feel like I stalk the shop waiting for the next perfect treasure to be listed. When it does I know I have to grab it fast or it will be gone! LOL Great share.