( old dog new trick )

August 11, 2011

bump, our oldest four-legger
has developed a new trick.
or rather new spots.

tiny little freckly spots.
pale and delicate. ( rather like bump herself. )

she stood stock still as the camera clicked away.
but i don't think she was pleased.
the look on her face!

otis was also curious about the camera
with a completely different result.
the clickety-clack of the camera is most perplexing to him.
perhaps because it's always pointed in his face?

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. They are both totally adorable! What sweet faces!

  2. Awww, your pups are just the sweetest! I love the expressions on their faces. I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh my the two of them! I have to say otis has the best look on his face.