( snapshot: an isolated observation )

September 21, 2011

had a great vintage hunting trip yesterday
and as always, managed to find a little something for myself.
i dragged home this antique bed, of course for a dog bed.

it has a slatted bottom held by woven roping. i'm going to need to rerope it, 
but the little ones don't mind for now. and i have plans to make a larger cushion for it.

of course, there's the small problem that i've plunked an entire bed frame down
in the middle of our dining room. but the dogs aren't complaining.
they're rather used to me walking around them,
stepping over them and moving aside for them.

four legged terrors.
yours are much better behaved i assume?

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. ..."yours are much better behaved i assume?" NOT! ;o)

    ...Great idea using an old rope bed frame as a dog bed. I love how they're so camera shy too! lol :o)


  2. hahaha oh regina! my little terror is like a teenager - macie enjoys growling when you tell her to do something.

    "macie, get off the couch"
    "rawrrrr rrarrrwrrr..." which translates to "nope, get your own"

  3. I like it. it must be tough to find a good dog bed!