( gifty picks )

December 12, 2011

vintage toy circus from am radio

1930s czech necklace from jean jean vintage

vintage medical wall chart from haven vintage

lucia lace necklace from white owl

icelandic wool coat from dear golden

i've pulled together some gifty picks from michigan sellers...
this might *coincidentally* also be known as my christmas list.
happy & proud to be among such wonderful shops here in the mitten.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. What a darned great idea to post about Michigan shops . . . White Owl and AM Radio are new to me so thanks for the introduction! I'm mighty proud to be a part this crew.

  2. heeeey, this is so great pretty lady! such wonderful taste we folks in the mitten have. yes?

    and to finish it off i choose this from your shop as the perfect gifty pick complement to the michigan collection:


    xo, m.

  3. these are some of my favorites too! i am in great company here.
    thanks so much sweetie!