( traction control )

January 9, 2012

lately i've been noticing that our funny little bump
has been having a harder and harder time with our wood floors.
she falls down all the time...
watching her try to round the corner to get to her water bowl
always makes me think of bambi on ice.

i was going to try some grippy socks, but there was the problem of her going outside
and coming back in with damp feet. then i found pawz dog boots.
basically, they're a thicker balloon with a larger opening.
12 in a package, and reasonably priced.

after a minute or two of adjustment (which results in hilarious high stepping)
she seems much more confident walking around.
and is even getting up a bit of a rum as she moves between dog beds.
i am pleased to see our old lady with a kick in her step.
"miss new booty"

just thought i'd share in case anyone else's
aged companions were having traction issues.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. I love the "inspection" occurring in the background...

    "What is ON your FEET?!"

  2. Oh, my goodness! This is adorable. And the perfect thing for my roommate's dog! Just discovered your blog and have scrolled through so many posts already. Smitten with your dogs and all of your lovely photos. Happy New Year!