market finds

February 5, 2012

i adore sunday morning flea markets.
sparring with favorite dealers like old friends, poking through boxes and piles, 
and then finding something that makes my heart thump.

today i scored two original thonet chairs for an absolute song.
one even has its original tag.

they're exactly how i like vintage,
a beautifully designed, well constructed piece with a history and plenty of wear.
they're friendly, inviting, used every day
and not to be treated like a precious museum display.

i'm feeling quite giddy at the moment.
i think i must sit down...

xo. r

7 notes:

  1. Those are lovely. And I like the colors in the room too, simple and natural!

  2. what a great find Regina! giotta XXX

  3. These are the sorts of things I HOPE to find when I'm out perusing vintage shops. Perhaps I should make it to the Brooklyn Flea more often.

  4. lucky duck! what a great sunday morning. those are downright gorgeous

  5. oh thank you, thank you everyone. won't you come in and have a seat?