March 19, 2012

i made a little little fox.
only i didn't think it would turn out so little.
i reduced the pattern size by 20%, but the wee thing sure looks about half size.

i was aiming to create a smaller fox, not a younger one.
and i'm quite sure what i've made is a kit*.
happy accident. who can complain about kittens?

(incidentally, bump can. a kitten moved into the house behind us and bump disapproved very loudly.)

this pair will be headed into the shop soon... separately.
the white fox says she's happy to look after little kit for a bit,
but she's not quite ready to be a mother just yet.

xo. r

in vintage news, these foundry molds will be in the shop this week, too
they're huge... unless otis is shrinking

*while double-checking to make sure i had my baby fox terminology correct,
i came across this. heart it races.

5 notes:

  1. Very cute little woodland friends! I love the mini one.

  2. i love them both. i've been thinking about trying to make smaller whales lately.

    1. i'd love to see how they come out, your whales are lovely. (little whale... what a funny touch of oxymoron!)

  3. Love the little flash of the patterned fabric underneath.