saint, patrick

March 20, 2012

it's been unseasonably warm here in michigan. so instead of bundling up in coats and scarves for saint patrick's day, we donned t-shirts and work pants and headed to the property to clear a few more trees.

see the scrubby, overgrown pines? (sticky, pokey & mean trees.) see the little tiny figure in the middle? that's patrick and his chainsaw.

we took down three of these, and there's still one more waiting. it's not that we mind trees so much, but these are rather worse for wear and the driveway needs to come in there.

patrick does love his chainsaw. it may be on his "things to grab in a fire" list. and as helpful as i try to be, he can lift about 10 times more tree than i can. which means i got to clear all the dastardly, stabby (but rather lightweight) branches and he moved things like trunks and stumps.
yes, i did see him carrying out a stump complete with root ball... in one hand.

our helper. who thought the most helpful thing she could do was to lay down in mud puddles.
drippy, oozy mud puddles. luckily she was too tired at the end of the day to complain about her much needed bath.

and while saturday was a lot of work... it was just three trees.
here's the wood pile from what we cleared last year. not counting what we chipped and what we gave away to other wood burning neighbors.

foundation work begins soon...
it seems mad that we have to wait for a frost date when it's nearly 80 degrees here.

- the suspense is terrible. i hope it lasts -
(oscar wilde via willy wonka)

xo. r

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