March 21, 2012

a quick tip for those of you who like to get dirty...

when you find yourself with a sticky mess on your hands
oh say, sap, dried paint, tung oil, whatever
mosey over to your kitchen sink. grab your olive oil and your table salt on the way.

put a dollop of olive oil in your palm, sprinkle it heavily with salt,
and rub like it was a super expensive bath scrub from some schwanky bath store.
follow with a regular old soap & water hand wash and voila!
not only are you no longer sticky and dirty, your hands are super soft and smooth.

don't expect to find any more beauty tips here. usually i just eat what i find in my kitchen.
actually, now that my hands are clean and the olive oil and salt are out... i wonder if we have any bread?

xo. r

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