April 3, 2012

adding these springy folk to the shop today.
a very tiny fluff of a sheep. he might be bested by a marshmallow peep.
and two spring rabbit with sewing in hand.
one is carefully winding a ball of string, the other is measuring yardage for a project.
rabbits do like to keep busy you know.

on a side note...
i think most of the oh, albatross transition is in place.
you should be redirected to the correct places without much fuss.
i think.
i did a lot of fussing around with nameservers and DNS and CNAMES and Asomething or other
that frankly, i don't understand at all. i hope we've all ended up in the right place.

and i can't thank you all enough for your support. it means so much to me.
xo. r

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