oh, albatross

April 2, 2012

here we go.
deep breath.
after sitting on this nagging thought for a few months now
i've decided that it's time to let everyeskimo go.
the name anyway.

it was an accidental moniker.
a funny little name that was thrown against the wall and stuck.
so i was more than a bit horrified to find that in some places,
"eskimo" is considered an insulting term. pejorative at best.
and while that was certainly never my intention, it bothers me greatly
to think i could inadvertently be disparaging anyone.
ignorance is hardly bliss in this case.

so i'm saying goodbye to everyeskimo
and hello to something new...

oh, albatross

a few notes about the word albatross...
i adore the lesser known definition, "a seemingly inescapable moral or emotional burden"
it's a perfect fit for this humbling situation i've found myself in.
a way of remembering where this came from, and whistling in the dark.

and something i find truly lovely, buried in nautical myth and folklore,
is that albatrosses were thought to be the souls of lost sailors.
a beautiful match for these vintage ghosts that always surround me.

i'll be switching everything over this week... shop, blog, tumblr, twitter & email.
just getting some last minute ducks in a row. and if i remember how to do everything properly,
you should find yourselves redirected automatically.
( i can't promise a seamless transition, but it will all work out in the end. don't things always? )

have any questions? feel free to leave a comment, or email me at ohalbatross@gmail.com

xo. regina from oh, albatross
(formerly known as everyeskimo)

don't worry, i promise i won't ever change my name to a symbol

20 notes:

  1. heh. Big Wreck does a song called Albatross that's on the current radio playlist. I always have to mutter under my breath, "Albatross. ALBAtross." a la Monty Python.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_u7VGiMO0U)

    Maybe not what you were going for.
    But I'll always smile when your latest update is in my feedlist. ;)

  2. Whew! I saw your tweet and panicked that you were going to close your lovely shop, which is one of my favorites. I love the new name, and it made me think of this song by Wild Beasts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-AIWsuQPWI

  3. as a lover of ships and nautical journeys of all sorts, i think the new name is great and will suit you well.

  4. @just jen, i have to go listen to the big wreck song, i don't know it. but i was going to share the song with you that karen just posted!
    it's one of my favorites... guess i'll have my own theme song! funny, it goes albatross, ALBAtross too. xoxo

  5. ditto whew!
    likewise very happy to hear it's simply a springtime metamorphosis. lovely new name/logo. the original one was lovely too, tho' appreciate the concerns. looking forward to more of the sweetest and cheeriest stuff only ever found here :)

    d from tinder

  6. i applaud your going forth. Looking forward to all to come!

  7. thank you everyone for your support. i'm truly pleased to have found such wonderful people to share these things with.

  8. this suits you perfectly regina! (playing the name game over here too, though not as a big change. it's a bit stressful huh?)

  9. love the new name!

    in AK we are slowly phasing out the term in favor of the more specific yupik and innupiat tribal names. at least you are ahead of us!

  10. hello there regina - i'll miss the old name but truly like the new one and think it suits you just as well! your shop looks gorgeous, by the way. :)

  11. It's a wonderful name for you Regina. Much luck with all that is yet to come.

  12. I love the new name! It feels right for your shop and all it's quirky, wonderful inhabitants! =)

  13. I am in Canada and always did sorta wonder about your other name. It's been considered politically incorrect here for a long time, but I'm sure a lot of Canadians don't know that.

    1. my understanding is that "eskimo" is considered more politically incorrect in canada and greenland. it's slowly starting to become a more sensitive word here in the states, but it's not widely known. as leFiligree said, they're just starting to phase out the term in alaska. it was never my intention to offend, but ignorance is hardly an excuse. so i'm moving forward, a little humbled, and hopefully a little wiser. xo.

  14. your shop is truly a gem & i'm so glad that the only change is a new sign out front.
    i like the new name you chose & just think of all the folks you have enlightened as a result.

  15. I love your new name and it's appearance. I have always adored your shop! Love your pocket bears!!!

  16. Perfect new moniker! I think 'oh, albatross' is absolutely delightful in every way! The change was so seamless that the change took a while to click in my brain. I seriously need to be more aware of my surroundings!
    It's a fresh feeling, to re-invent/re-name/re-birth ourselves/our projects. Congrats!

  17. *LOVE* your new name, it caught my attention instantly when i saw it on the Etsy front page and thought, OH! what a gorgeous name, I must check out that shop --- and there you were already favorited and looking so good, as always.

  18. glad you changed you name and not your complete etsy site

    am thinking of doing the same - but how did you keep all of your things inplace?


    1. etsy, twitter and flickr will allow you to change your user name and sort of appear in the same place just with a different name.
      switching the blog around so that everyeskimo.blogspot.com, everyeskimo.com and ohalbatross.com all ended up in the same place. i don't even remember how i ended up doing it, but i think i've got the whole mess working now. i hope.

      hope that helps!