April 30, 2012

meet tucker, a little tribute to a beloved munchkin cat.
he's the first cat i've worked on, and how funny that he's the dachshund of the feline family.
i am particularly pleased with the way he's looking up at you.
cats always seem to be looking up at you or down on you.
depending if they're feeling superior to you, or are hungry enough to forsake superiority for a full belly.

i do love working on custom projects. each one is its own little (rewarding) challenge. i found myself under two lamps and wearing a headlamp to try to see black thread on black linen. impossible!

in house news...
the bulldozer is about 50% done. and the foundation is scheduled to be poured in two weeks. that is if mother nature cooperates. we've had enough rain today to turn it all back into a mud puddle! ack, the suspense.

xo. r

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