fox fix

May 1, 2012

remember this little fox who was giving me a bit of heartache? he just refused to take a shape in my mind. until i realized he probably wanted a little companion. well they've finally found themselves, and each other...

a solemn & sweet pair of foxes in love.

both have bodies rescued from heavy wool military pants. their stomach pieces are salvaged from the pocket linings... they even have bits of ink stains which make a lovely pattern.
she is dressed in a very favorite piece of lace and swiss dot fabric which is originally from the bodice of an antique dress. he is simple & dapper in a swathe of vintage twill tape tied with a antique wood toggle button.

i think that the foxes like to dress themselves as nicely as possible, but they must have limited resources, living in the woods. he would have had to wait for years for the perfect button to come along.

they're in the shop, a rather rare pair.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. how wonderfully sweet: foxes in love. of course.

  2. You've inspired me to make something today! Thank you.

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