almost no

May 14, 2012

he was almost not a bird.
as i shaped the body, as i layered the feathers, i was really uncertain about where this little one was headed.
i really thought about scrapping him and unstuffing the poor little bugger so i wouldn't waste any more time on him.

but sometimes, the ones i stick with, even when they don't go my way...
sometimes, those turn into something i find truly endearing, truly personal.
and i am so glad i stuck with this little bird. he has a funny little quirk of his head that's distinctly bird like.
and an upright, hopping stance that reminds me of the birds i see skittering across parking lots.

sometimes there is so much reward in sticking with it, you know?
he'll be in the shop sometime this week!

xo. r

1 notes:

  1. Definitely a little chap worth perservering with! He's a corker!