May 15, 2012

patrick and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary today.
two wonderful years, that i hope are only the tip of the iceberg.
it just gets bigger, and stronger and deeper every year. love's like that you know.

and to celebrate...
wait for it...

we unloaded a semi full of reclaimed wood.

watching massive 14 foot barn beams being unloaded, balanced on just two metal arms on the front of a backhoe was gut-wrenching. but it happened. so, so hard to believe these massive beams used to be erected in barns completely without the use of machines. with sweat, ingenuity and horses. probably a pulley or two.

nothing says i'm getting old like being utterly ecstatic about things like crushed concrete, topsoil and barn wood. luckily patrick and i are two peas in a pod and we both agreed that beer and hot dogs and crashing on the couch were the perfect way to end this wonderful day.

close up of the barn beams, all sourced from local barns. i couldn't capture the scale of these things. but i love the texture. hand hewn in the house, rough sawn for the covered patio.

weathered grey siding from local barns for the exterior of the house. the shades and colors are so lovely.

my apologies if this is a disorganized post. to sum it up, there is love and there is hard work.
i don't think you can have one with out the other, but it is so worth it.

xo. r

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  1. I'm in love, r...I can't tell you how much I love these snippets :)

    1. aww, kimberly, thank you. that means so much to me. xo