crush crush #1

May 3, 2012

feeling a bit of a thrill from these pieces by meg a. myers
handmade from recycled glass (old window panes!) they are simple, geometric and utterly charming.

stained glass is most striking to me when it's without all the crazy color.
the shape and form and work is so much more apparent.

(now, that's not to say i can't appreciate the windows in an old church, but that's an entirely different level of stained glass. i'm referring to the genre of things i can hold in my hand or hang in a window.)

something about her work makes me feel not quite content to just look at the picture.
i want to hold it in my hands. feel the weight and the angles.
i don't know if i can wait for christmas!

xo. r


as if cootie catchers weren't nostalgic enough... ed emberley fabric!

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