crush crush #2

May 3, 2012

some days the internet feels like the same old loop over and over again
and some days, i crush hard. and i'm feeling it today.


her little animal sets are incredible. heart-string plucking in such an irrational way.
the level of detail. they come with pets, and clothes and accessories, and tea cups, and croissants, and letters from friends, and books. and not just blank books, hand bound family albums with photos inside.

it's something like peeking into a doll's house and exclaiming over each and every tiny recreated thing.
only i start to picture the hands that made these things.
and my heart starts to beat a little faster.

and of course, there's a waiting list
but there are a lot more images & sets to fawn over on her blog.
there is such a big joy in such little things.

xo. r

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