long weekend

May 29, 2012

slowly coming back from the long weekend,
like slowly opening your eyelids on a sunny morning still nestled in the dream of your bed,
mulling over the things which wait in the week ahead.

i find it terribly gratifying that the internet gets so slow and silent over the holidays.
we all drift away from this never-ending glut of image and information.
and we find ourselves back where we began...
in the real world, with real people and real life.

it's good to know we're not just here, in this internet space.
it's nice to shed its weight sometimes
and just watch life happen around us.

i found myself killing an hour at a local lake this weekend. michigan lake culture always makes my heart feel like it's come home again. and people watching the crush of bodies all drawn to the water... it's a treat, somehow.

hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. real life and all.

xo. r

6 notes:

  1. you always have a way of saying it just so. so nice and peaceful.

  2. oh yes - I was there as well. And as daunting it was to come back to the glut of email, Pin updates, FB posts, and etc --- it was so beautiful and refreshing to float in the pool, enjoy a glass of wine with friends, sleep in, and just not...log...on. Sigh....

    Thank you - as always, you have said what I was thinking most eloquently.

  3. your posts always make me think:
    what do i really want?
    what do i really need?

    1. i think i will always be fighting that little voice of wantiness in the back of my mind. it's a constant struggle.
      but when i get things pared down to just what i need, i feel much happier. calmer, anyway.

  4. it's interesting to me that i think we've all felt the same sense of relief from a weekend away from the computer. i may try to fit in a logged off weekend every month. anyone care to join me?

  5. This just makes me smile. It IS nice to have unspoken permission to drift away from the internet and just be. * following you *