May 31, 2012

part of the plans for the new house include a studio space for me.
and of course, it's a long ways away... after the house, after the move, after we're settled.
just something else to be patient (and unbelievably excited) about.

what i find odd is that, while i have a pretty clear image of the house in my mind, i draw a complete blank when i try to think what my studio might be like. i do hope that having two very separate spaces will help with my desire for a clean, uncluttered house, yet satisfy a deeper need for a nest-like, cluttery, crazy space to experiment in. a place that i can fill with fabric, finds, oddities, and papers stacked everywhere.

there should be tables, storage, easy access to supplies, decent lighting, and room to spread out, think and be. that much i know. but when i try to picture it... well, all i can say is, it's a good thing there is still lots & lots of time before it's a reality.

wait & dream. there's so much potential in those two words.

xo. r


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