July 19, 2012

five things // sky high

i had planned so much for this week...
but life and mother nature have a way of conspiring against me.
to what end? the air is heavy with rain, the sky is rolling shades of dark and darker.
and while a big part of me is quite thankful (i didn't actually intend to be cultivating a field of straw for a front yard) i really did need a bit of sunshine this week.
light, you know. it makes photography work.

so there will most likely be no shop update this week.
instead, you will be treated to pictures of moons. because that is what i've been collecting lately.
i read that it's hard-wired into girls to collect things. a throw back to the hunter-gatherer days.
girls gathered then. and girls gather now.
i am gathering moons to keep my family alive.
you have to love biology.

i hope whatever weather you need is coming your way.
and i hope you still remember to look at the moon.
don't let life get in the way of that.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. love the photos.
    each and every one.

    being awake and working at night while everyone else sleeps, everyone except the moon and the stars, i can appreciate nightskygazing.

  2. I kind of love this post...