friday fuzzy

July 20, 2012

i confess that through most of my childhood, i desperately wanted a pig for a pet.
now that i'm (apparently) grown up, i have french bulldogs.

quick comparison...
sticky-up ears. check.
snout. check.
funny grunts & snorting noises. check.
odd smells. check.
tiny little trotters. check.

bump will surely sit for a blueberry, if she happens to be on a carpet, which is for some reason a prerequisite to sitting. otis will not be quite sure that the blueberry is food, preferring to taste things like screws and beetles with pincers. guinness (who is neither french, nor anything like a pig) will hold out for a piece of steak.

childhood dreams are fulfilled in the strangest ways.

many thanks to allison of monkeys always look for sharing this perfect friday fuzzy!

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. Too freaking cute! I would love a little pig. And/or a goat...both of which remind me sometimes of my dog Lucy. Who will also not sit unless there is a carpet of some sort! People always try to get her to sit to take a treat, and I have to explain to them, "erm, no--she won't do that unless she's over there on the rug!"

  2. ahhhhh!!! I have always wanted a pig too! I'm still holding out for one. xo to you R!!!

  3. great photo!

    my mother always had a thing for pigs.
    i must confess to having the same love for them, now that i am older.

  4. fuzzy pigs r awesomeMarch 3, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    I'm 11 years old and I love fuzzy pigs my dad said one day I'm going to get one