master bath

July 25, 2012

one of the few requirements i had for the master bath was that it was big enough for a piece of furniture.
it's a small detail really, but it changes the room from an aisle in the home improvement store, to a piece of home. a sanctuary space.

each of these bathrooms has a non-bathroom piece that really make them feel approachable.
a card catalog (!) for small fussy things, a dresser for storage, a tea cart for towels, or a chair to sit in.
oh, and about a zillion plants. they're usually quite happy in the bathroom.

i'm not sure just what we're going to pick out for the bathroom yet, but you can be sure we'll venture out of the bathroom aisle... and definitely into the greenhouse.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. A big bathroom with space for furniture is a dream of mine as well! Lucky you for building a house and will be able to make your dream bathroom and good luck with the plans! Also thank you for sharing these lovely and inspiring photos! Maybe some day I also will have a bathroom big enough to put some nice furniture and a lot of plants in :)

  2. I literally fell in love with this bathroom. I wonder if bathroom renovations in Melbourne could come up with something similar to this one for my home. I've always wanted a neat, serene bathroom like this one.