July 12, 2012

i have always loved these words.
a reminder that everyone has their own struggles
and deserves a little kindness.

a little something i learned from my mom...
if you encounter a crabby, unhappy person working at a store,
or maybe a restaurant,
make it a personal mission to get them to smile.
i remember one lady, her name was birdie.
it took months to get her to smile. but it was so worth it.
i still remember her smile... 20 years later.

an amusing note on the internet and the never-ending battle to attribute things correctly:
it took a bit of digging to find the designer behind this print: simon walker
only to realize he ever-so-slightly ignored the author: plato.
maybe plato is writing an angry blog post somewhere?

xo. r


don't forget today's huge shop update! sometime around noon, i should think!

1 notes:

  1. thank you for the gentle and sweet reminder.

    [poor plato. i shall invite him over for a cup of tea....]