July 12, 2012

a few things i've been working on this week...

first, a new nursery for succulent cuttings.

the little buggers grow so well from a simple cutting and it's such an economical way to get a big variety going. i ordered a big batch of cuttings from san pedro cactus, and i'm pretty sure they sent a few extras. i popped them all in a vintage chicken feeder (in fast draining cactus soil, of course) and so far they seem happy as a sea of clams.

all of our windows are already filled with my little houseplant obsession, but i'm thinking ahead to the new house... more windows means more plants!

also, i've started on a funny little bird for a custom order, a quail!

i'm using some of my favorite fabric for the under feathers. it's salvaged from the lining of an old fur stole and both sides of the fabric are incredible. the "wrong" side is silvery blue, the "right" side is copper with pale blue feathering. just perfect for the quail chest. each little feather gets stitched on with a million little stitches. layered from bottom to top, just like mother nature.

isn't this a sweet little find on the lining? a custom monogram. so lovely.

i'll share more photos of the quail when he really starts to take shape.
bird is the word.

xo. r

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