out of doors

August 6, 2012

one thing i will surely miss when we move from this neighborhood of thickly clustered little houses, is the hours spent wandering the sidewalks, looking at all the different houses, wondering who is inside.
i'm an avid house peeker. i love to look for the story. the impeccable couple with a neatly manicured lawn and well mannered shrubs. the young fellow who adds a new layer to his garden every year, his yard is a riot of color. or the brambly and wild fairy houses with lights and lanterns and little surprises peeking out of the porch and among the waving beds. it's those houses i love the most. they have such an approachable friendly face.

it will be different in the new neighborhood. there are wide woods between all the houses, and far fewer houses to gawk at. the neighbors are more neighborly. they walk their dogs down the street, occasionally followed by a neighborhood cat. they share neighborhood chores, like trimming back the bridge over the creek that separates us from the main road, and plowing the snow from the driveways in the winter.

i find myself looking forward to the outdoor life at our new home. patrick's picking out seeds for the garden. i'm stashing away camp beds for afternoon naps on the covered porch. and while i have no great aspirations for an overly landscaped place, i do suspect there will be pots of flowers clustered everywhere and little groups of seating every so often, in case a neighbor comes by for a chat.

sharing a few images of inspiration for our out of doors. wild & wonderful.

xo. r

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  1. love that fence with the tree-window cut-out.

    yours is not the first post with mention of sleeping on a porch. it's a sign: i'm going to have to do this before our all-too-short summer comes to close.