August 8, 2012

squirrels do more than stock up on acorns to prepare for winter.
they get to some serious knitting to keep the chill away in the colder months.


oh my goodness, do you remember being cold?
it's hard to remember cold in the heat of summer.
lately, all i can think is this weather is immoral.
the next few days look lovely. cloudy, rainy, low 70s.
i might even wear sleeves.


back to the squirrel. she is tapping her foot impatiently that i should break from headline news to discuss the weather. (weather!) her knitting needles are made of twigs. she says she often finds good yarn, but has yet to find a proper pair of knitting needles in the forest.

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. Oh - I love her - she is absolutely perfect

  2. i just love her - wonderful little woodland knitter.

  3. i wondered what the wee squirrels do come winter.
    now i know: a stash of berries and nuts on the table, feet warming by the fire, knitting away, knitting away....