i'd like to meet you

September 14, 2012

this is the second in a short series where i imagine where and how i'd chance to meet my favorite authors.
the first can be found here: i'd like to meet you

madeleine l’engle. i’d meet you on a plane. we’d be seatmates, squeezed tightly, winding our bodies into that narrow little space. we’d both be calm, polite, reserved. somewhere on the plane, inevitably, someone will behave badly. and you’ll say something in response. but it won’t be snarky, or derisive. this is what will catch my attention. it will be understanding, accepting of human nature. and kind. so wise and kind.  and perhaps we’d begin to chat. it would flow easily; you are interested in so many things. science and religion and faith and they way they’ve never lived easily with each other. when the plane landed, when we’d gathered our belongings, when we’d safely ducked the bulkheads, you’d reach to pat the back of my hand. your hands are powdery dry and softly wrinkled. and you’d say something, but it wouldn’t be goodbye. i don’t think you believe in goodbye.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. such a magical meeting, and yet on an average outing. so very L'Engle! I was addicted to her writing whilst growing up, and always would go back to her Wrinkle in Time series. Her words are timeless.
    (I did meet Madeleine, however briefly, when I was about 13 or so. Oddly enough, she was at my favourite comic book store & I wanted her to read a poem she had inspired me to write - she did, wrote something sweet to me - and my life felt pretty complete)

    1. that is a memory to hold dear, meeting madeleine. i am wildly jealous and wildly inspired that some day i'll have an unexpected meeting too. (sadly, it would be rather difficult since she passed, but i shall hold tight to a meg-murry-like fantastical experience.)

    2. yes! hold tight; it's never too late. Madeleine taught us that! Ah, I think I need to crack open my well-read copy of Wrinkle in Time. Or perhaps one of my other faves, A Ring of Endless Light. You've totally reawakened my inner pre-teen, and I'm glad :)