weekend wander

September 17, 2012

crisp fall mornings call for a walk through the woods to the cider mill on the other side.
armed with lattes and a dog or two, we walk the long path through the woods.
i can never get enough of the way the trees arc over and make green tunnels
(then red tunnels, gold tunnels, bare twig tunnels.)

there is cider and the sweetest mini doughnuts. there are always extra for the dogs.
and we stop at the petting zoo. goats, sheep, a two week old lamb and of course, the llama.
guinness and a goat poke noses. ah, curious beasts.

the walk back is slower. patrick's carrying cider. the sun is warming the day.
and there's a whole sunday still ahead to whitter away.

at the end of the day, there will be an apple morgan.
recipe: slosh apple cider and capt. morgan's into a glass, swirl & enjoy.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. That sounds like a perfect fall day!!!

  2. i did so enjoy the venturing with you and the crew....especially the slowness of the trip back homeward....