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September 18, 2012

my fingers wanted to sew something new, something different.
and this funny little girl appeared on a scrap of paper.
lanky little body, a kitten hood (or perhaps she is part cat), and a simple shift.

i winged the pattern and stitched her up from a simple pale linen.
i don't believe i've ever made a dress before and i didn't guess her girth correctly.
so it became a dapper little coat with a pencil skirt underneath.

she dresses better than i do.

and over at the new house, this is happening today!

the garage is poured and they're working on the spreading out the covered porch here.
that hallway bit goes along the front of the house to the main door. that smaller square is for the outdoor fireplace.
why is the interior floor orange? those are the tubes for the radient heat. i may spend the whole winter lying on the warm floor in front of the fireplace. if we ever get that far...

ah, patience. what a sweet, sweet out-of-reach virtue.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. sweet little girl in your hand. SO sweet.

    [yes: radiant floor heating is heavenly stuff.]

  2. So lovely!! It looks like the perfect yellow rain slicker for Autumn rains - and a kitty hat never hurt anyone.