about bears

October 18, 2012

as the days get shorter, the bears start on their way towards warmer climes.
they're usually dressed in scarves to keep off the chill.
the polar bear is suitably covered in delicate snowflakes.
and the little bears have ribbon loops this year,
for taking up station on the tree or tucked among the stockings.
also, it's easier to keep track of them when their not always scampering about underfoot.

these two will be in this afternoon's shop update!

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. yes. i have witnessed this: our local bears are wearing scarves, and the females are sitting in the dens, knitting fingerless mitts and soft blankets.
    the males are out gathering nuts and berries for evening snacks.
    such is life in hinterlands.

  2. Your polar bear is adorable!!!!!!! You should do a winter wonderland menagerie group including a polar bear, penguin, white seal and white fox!