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October 15, 2012

sunday was one of those rare perfect days at the flea.
warm, wet and windy. old friends were there.
dave, with his grizzly beard and his pipe.
(there is nothing that smells so good as a pipe.)
diana, wrapped in a shawl. mark, with all his oddities
the man who looks like a really, really tall david bowie, the mumbling watch collector,
the guy who loves odd toys. i always have to stop and see him.

and the finds were really good.
old camp photos, wood carrying trays, tiny souvenir charms, 
two amazing old theatre posters.
and of course the donkey.
that one's for me.

those crazy rebar legs. the mossy coat, the chippy ears.
well, of course i bought the donkey.
and of course, he's ridiculously heavy.
patrick wasn't terribly sure about him, but the dogs approved.

so very chuffed with my donkey.
and my dogs. yes, quite chuffed.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. and i am chuffed that you are FINALLY keeping a fantastic find for yourself!!!