October 1, 2012

most of the little cuttings from this project were ready for rehoming. and although i have a very long to do list waiting for me, i decided getting my hands dirty for a bit was just more necessary. sometimes procrastinating makes me feel worse. but not today. not one bit.

there is dirt all over the kitchen counter. and the measuring spoons. and possibly on the floor.
trailing plants were rearranged, so instead of getting trapped in the fridge door, they can now get tangled into baskets. there are plants drying in the bathtub and sitting all over the table for some afternoon sun. and a whole row of new little pots filled with little succulent collections.

a year or so ago i threw some overgrown stalks of some unknown plant into a vase of water. they started to grow little root hairs so i left them. a year later, they've grown a whole mass of roots and these. they must be boy plants.

now, everything has to find a sunny spot. and get a little drink of water. and the floors need to be swept. and then i'll probably have to have a look at that to do list. sigh.

xo. r

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  1. Playing in dirt is good!! I did the same thing this weekend! I am always scared to re-pot but I think it makes them happy.... for a while at least. I am good a killing plants too but I am getting better! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. -Katie