friday fuzzy

October 5, 2012

flat out.
which sort of describes this week.
you know, where nothing goes as planned.
even if you didn't have a specific plan beforehand, this is not exactly what you imagined.

somehow i found myself looking at emergency tile.
i don't know, it was on sale, it was imperative to look at it immediately.
looked and looked and looked and there it was...
the perfect plain white tile. 
ah, adventure.

really, of all the incredible places we've been
finding the perfect things for the house -
climbing through old barns, wandering warehouses, exploring shuttered auto plants -
the hoity-toity design center scared the pants off me.
rows of fringe and tassels? run.

there are still a billion things to pick out like lights and fixtures and knobs and switchplates
but i'm more interested in the important things, like naming our future chickens.

i hope you have a wonderful fall weekend
kicking up leaves and crunching orchard apples.

xo. r

1 notes:

  1. Hehe...we have named our remaining rooster Toilet.

    Why not?