October 13, 2012

fall has been a beautiful relief this year
but this past week has been relentlessly grey.
so when the sun made a guest appearance on thursday afternoon
i grabbed one of the dogs and headed for the woods.
otis hasn't been on a long woods walk since his back injury
and bump had to stop four times on our last attempt to walk to the neighbors house.
so follow-the-german-shepherd it was.

the new bridge was in. (last time i had to cross in the river!)
i let guinness do the leading. she has very certain opinions about where she wants to go
and it's an adventure to just follow for a bit.
we marched around a swamp, scared a few ducks,
found a new mini footbridge, and basked in the sun.

surely, i should have been working.
but what's the point of being your own boss if you can't run away on a whim?

sidenotes: my apologies for the blog being down the last few days.
i've been working on a little behind the scenes magic and managed to bring the whole big top down.
it should be working, but with my lack of techno-expertise,
you can probably expect a few more hiccups.

also, a little link love: a few rules to live by

have a beautiful weekend.
sunny, rainy. grey or otherwise.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. of course you deserve to play hooky and take yourself [and the dogs] outside when the sun is shining.
    and, wonderful link. i shall carry those "rules" in my heartpocket.