October 10, 2012

it's been grey and dreary for days and days.
i'm starting to feel grey and dreary.
but as the darkness falls earlier, i find myself in the kitchen.
and while i'm slowly teaching myself to cook, i had never tackled a roast before.

i scrubbed the potatoes. i poured a glass of wine and tied on my apron.
(sorry, but i cannot take a photo of myself without staring at the screen.
every time i try, i end up like a deer in headlights.)
i put on the new beth orton album. and i cooked.

roast, potatoes, onions and carrots all piled in the oven.
a bottle of red opened for dinner.
a quick lesson on how to sharpen knives.
and finally, carved and plated.

i enjoyed the process. the result... needed some work.
at least the potatoes were perfect and plentiful. and there was the wine.
i have all winter to persevere and conquer the perfect roast.

i feel better for trying.

xo. r

update: 2nd day roast, thinly sliced, served cold with salt & a wee bit of horseradish
was pretty darned good. so, sort of a success.

2 notes:

  1. quite nice a meal.

    [and i love your self-photo....]

  2. Well, you looked super cute.
    So, roast schmoast.