October 8, 2012

the weather changed. the leaves turned.
i dug out the coats and scarves and my favorite winter quilt.
patrick went out to assess the wood pile.

we had the first fire of the season.
bump took up the prime location, two feet in front of the open flame.
patrick can't resist poking the coals every few minutes
and bump looks on impatiently, waiting for him to get out of her spot.

otis and i were bundled on the couch. there is nothing like a warm dog for cold feet.
and guinness hovered anxiously on the far side of the room. she does not like the fire.

bump will roast herself for hours on end.
i said that to one of my little nieces once...
she looked up at me full of worry and asked, "she's not really cooking is she?"
i couldn't backpedal fast enough.

clear, cold nights & crackling evening fires.
they couldn't go together any better.

xo. r

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  1. oh-so-cozy: i feel the warmth all the way up here....