making merry

December 5, 2012

there's no snow yet, and a few extra weeks of stocking up on snacks has made the squirrels charmingly chubby.
i've taken to shooing them out of the yard before i let the dogs out,
because i don't think the squirrels can waddle fast enough to make it over the fence in time.
there's no room for a tree. well, there's no room for anything. (it's a really tiny house.)
and i confessed this was all leading to some very grinchly feelings this year.

but then i remembered the antique charlie-brown-esque tree and its teeny glass ornaments.
the old, old paper stars - waxed and brittle. and the little metal bells that charm so sweetly.
i cleared off the mantle, hung each little ornament. shoved some tangled lights in some glass jars.
(that's 20% lazy, 80% love the riot of lights and the way they reflect in the misty mirror.)
and strung the little bells in a long garland.

and then i gave my inner child free reign and strung up paper chains and paper snowflakes.
i find them delightful, and they may multiply like bunnies before christmas gets here.

you know how, when you were little, your mom would do crafts with you and somehow manage to get it perfect,
with no mess and the glue went exactly where it was supposed to? i'm starting to wonder when
my crafty-adult-super-powers will kick in. i was covered in glue by the time i finished my little paper chain.
thank god i didn't attempt anything with glitter.

how are you decorating this year?
is the tree up? the garlands draped? the stockings hung?
want to come make snowflakes with me?

xo. r

11 notes:

  1. So far, with finals in full swing, I've managed to put out the table cloth and hand towels on the stove. We do have advent calendars!

    And I did make room for a tree...we have yet to acquire said tree...

    1. i've always wanted an advent calendar! (okay, i want to open it every day, not make it!)

    2. That's pretty much how it goes around here...Eli did open day 22 already, on accident.

      They're fun! We go super old school and get the original French ones from the grocery store. Can't beat $1.99 worth of chocolate ;)

  2. i haven't felt it 'til viewing your post.
    now, this weekend, with the mister away, i want to clean the house to spotless, and put out all the decorations.
    i wish to surprise him with childlike joy for when he walks in the door....

    1. i feel better now that i've done it. and yes, cleaning the house first is always a must. i found a few high flying dust bunnies while i was hanging my garland, yeck!

  3. "crafty-adult-super-powers" - I'm waiting for mine to kick-in, too! I had a run-in with glitter yesterday, and while the end result was just what I wanted, the actual glittering was not so very golden. turns out I'm highly allergic to glitter paint.
    I also had to keep a watch on my cat because he was sure my merry wreath-making was intended for him to chew on everything I touched. ha!
    p.s. now I want to make paper snowflake garlands to hang *everywhere*

    1. paper snowflake garlands are addicting!
      i absolutely understand about watching the cat. otis's involvement meant standing on paper chains or laying on the the string in between the bells as i was stringing them. i could have done without his help. :)

  4. This make me want to make paper chains and snowflakes too! I love the tiny tree and delicate ornaments . Your home looks lovely and Christmas-y!
    My tree is up (25 years and still shedding artificial needles!?!) Bubble lights are bubbling merrily,red bead garland draped strategically. Outdoor lights and Snowman up and on timers.
    Village is up,lighted and being populated. This year the theme is "UFO lands at top of mountain,lodge rates go up for tourists!".
    If you enjoy Lego and want to take part in Advent without reall having to do anything (other than see it on Youtube) visit my daughter over at The youtube channel TOYBREAK . They are opening Friends,City and Star Wars daily!

    1. oh, that sounds lovely. there is something extra special about a home decorated for the holidays.
      i'm have to look into that lego advent event! my nephew would love it i'm sure.

  5. I just want to reach out and squeeze you. You realize how awesome you are, right? I mean, truly. I love the little bell garlands under your mantel.

    1. i just may have to bake you cookies for that. xoxo.