small pleasures

December 6, 2012

patrick was dreadfully sick all weekend, a rare thing for him.
i slept on the couch, doing my best to avoid contamination and epic stuffy nose snoring.
when he recovered, everything got a major de-germing.

and while the pillow covers were in the wash, i got to thinking how i really didn't like them.
how they've pilled up and look a bit scrappy. i halfheartedly searched for replacements on the web,
and poked my nose in a few drawers to see if i had anything stashed away.

then i happened to see my hoard of french grain sacks and vintage ticking cases and wondered if it was 
worth the trouble to sew cushion covers from them. i picked one up to see how much work that would entail.
as i shook it out, lightning struck. they're already pillow case shaped, genius! i shoved the cushions in, 
folded over the extra material, and voila! new pillows.
(i may or may not have had to shake a bit of grain out of one of them.)

i also stuck a little wire lamp shade on my little bedside lamp.
big changes around here folks, big changes.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. love them!! i have that same sack on the right and it fits a body pillow perfectly for a bed!! -katie