a year in music

January 2, 2013

the first day of the year is a gimme.
sleeping in, cuddling pups on the couch, taking in a matinee.
the second day of the year is the real beginning.
"back to life, back to reality" has been floating intermittently through my head all day.

i've updated the shop with some great new finds, including these fabby zoo line monkeys.
they are the most perfect of toys, jointed right down the necks for the most endearing pose-ability.
i have a wee madness for old toys, perhaps you've noticed.

and in memorandum of 2012,
i've put together a playlist of the songs that made my heart skip and jump this past year.
listen below, or find it here.
memory is a funny thing. pictures can be foreign to me, but music brings me right back
to a specific moment in time. certain scents can make a person i haven't seen in years seem
close enough to touch. 2012 had a great playlist, i hope yours did too.

xo. r

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