a half built house

February 21, 2013

the past few weeks of house work have been the invisible things.... wires and pipes running through walls and tucked in with insulation. the wood boiler has been keeping things nice and toasty. (which quite frankly is a relief, because without heat, my many layers of winter apparel have me feeling as roly-poly as a violet beauregarde blueberry.) the winter light makes it beautifully bright inside, and the sun loading by the windows makes me feel like a cat. i want to curl up in it and doze. i also would like to kiss our heating/cooling fellow for the carefully laid out copper manifold. i have no idea what it all does, but it's lovely and that's a lot to say for a mechanical room. the garage already seems to be full of things, dogs included. for a long time we had them convinced that hanging out at the job site was as much fun as a walk. they are slowly figuring out it's just another house. and somebody (that would be me) insisted on a full length window in the middle of a shower, but the textured glass does some rather nice things with light and i don't mind at all.

oh, to finally be home.

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. i am fluttery with excitement looking at these photos! hooray for the impending homecoming. i definitely know it's no fun to feel all in-between...

  2. these are the days you'll re-ponder upon once you are curled up in the sun in front of a window.

    1. i think of you every time i wear my sorels and my feet are toasty warm!

  3. Hope it's gonna be completed soon as you desired. And I loved the above photos that made me easy to get your progress for this house.