February 21, 2013

1. a new found mug for morning coffee at oh, albatross
2. the wood boiler at the new house, puffing merrily away
3. bear with antique beads
4. circus bear with handmade flowers
5. wee beasties, a tiny new line in the works
6. things on the kitchen counter
7. things in the shop window
8. monkeys that are now sold, and a deer who doesn't want to leave

i confess to not getting out of the house much lately. my hermitting instincts have kicked in full force. i did manage a good antique trip yesterday. (my last attempt was thwarted by a dead battery. there's nothing more perplexing than a perfectly good vehicle suddenly imitating a paper weight.) i'm excited to unload the car and go through it all again... that bit is just like christmas morning, only i've had coffee first. winter will hopefully be behind us soon and i'll crawl out of my cave like a cranky old bear, out into the sun again.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. Will the bear be available in the shop? So cute.

    1. hi anne, right now the bears are being set aside for a collection that's going to a shop in portland. however once i get that whole collection put together, i may pull a few to go into my shop. either way, i'm sure i'll be making more of these bears!