monday morning music

February 25, 2013

heeseung chung

i turned 31 this weekend with an almighty thud. i suppose i will now have to start admitting to myself that i am truly in my 30s. i ignored that fact for the first year.
age is a funny thing. i feel simultaneously nearly 40 and nearly 12, always surprised by how far i've been and how far i still have to go.

we celebrated quietly. working on the house and having a quiet meal at home in front of the fire.

i'd love to stay here.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. my dear girl.
    it's only a number. truly it is.
    i work around folks who are three-times older than you, twice as old as me, and they recognize each day as a gift. the fun thing is, they call me "a spring chicken." [!]
    go forward with the feeling of how young you are in your heart.


    1. i feel quite sure you will always be a spring chicken. xo.
      as for young at heart, i feel like i'm always 14 or so.
      time is a theory i haven't decided upon yet.

  2. Congrats! 31 is so much less than me: 48(!) but still think as a baby sometimes... Love and joy, dearest!!!