November 24, 2013

a little peek at what's coming to the small wonder sale with one kings lane. pretty little beasties, perfect for stockings, or maybe tucking in the tree for a wonderful surprise. (remember in the nutcracker when the tree was huge and the gifts were actually tucked among the boughs. total dream of mine. clara's too, but that's beside the point.)

and yes, i had lots of fun doing a little holiday photo shoot. wee trees and ornaments and pretty tinsel puffs. we haven't had an actual christmas tree in a few years, but i always pull out the old glass ornaments and pile them high in a big bowl. so pretty.

i've strayed from the actual topic, forgive me. i just got excited about christmas for a moment. tomorrow night, one kings lane… hope to see you there!

xo. r

1 notes:

  1. my excitement over christmas waxes and wanes.
    but i'm plumb excited about your animals amongst tinsel puffs and small trees....