small wonders

November 23, 2013

ahoy, hoy! i'm partnering with one kings lane for a special little holiday artisanal sale called small wonders! i'm definitely excited to see my wee fox (and deer, can you spot her?) among such a great group of artists. the small wonders sale starts monday night… 6pm for you west coasters, 9pm for your east coasters.

i've been working on this collection behind the scenes for a few months now. it's a really fabulous little group of animals, so head over and check it out as soon as the sale's live! can't wait? neither can i… pop over here for a preview and i'll post another sneaky peek tomorrow. (look at me, pretending to be a real blogger. planning what to post and such. almost like i know what i'm doing. almost.)

beep. beep.
xo. r

1 notes:

  1. wOw! i love that okl is doing this!
    looks like a really lovely collection ♥